Non-developers won't care (except that development happens more smoothly), but I've been waiting for this one...

We do all of our deployments using a tool called Gearset. This allows us to compare different Salesforce orgs and detect dependencies. So we're much less likely to accidentally overwrite code in production, and much more likely to get a successful deployment in the first step.

But, it's still not proper source control. We can't easily go back and see what the configuration was 6 months ago. We can't create branches. We don't record changes that were made with something other than Gearset (e.g. admin changing directly in production).

Well, now Gearset can take your Salesforce org's configuration and send those changes to a source control system. And it can pull changes back out of there. All with no need to use command-line tools. 

That enables developers to use whatever IDE they prefer for editing code, getting the code out of source control to work together. It gives us a backup and history of our changes. 

It's going to revolutionise team-working on Salesforce projects!