By now, every company has realised how heavily marketing activities rely on technical solutions with the support of the IT team. But they often face the situation when their Marketing and IT team can't work together and it goes to everyone's expense.

Let's say a company is releasing a new feature for their existing product. The Marketing team - full of ideas and coffee - is locked up in a room, having a brainstorming session, creating better and better diagrams on their board. And when they finally have their marketing strategy ready, which will make every manager in the company happy, they present it to the IT team. At that moment, the marketing idea transforms into the IT team's nightmare: It can't be integrated with the existing system, won't function the way they want it to, and would take them months to figure out a way around it just to make it work.

However, if the IT team is involved with the brainstorming session in the first place, they can speak up whenever the idea turns in the wrong direction from an IT perspective. With the two teams collaboration, their idea will result in an exceptional AND feasible feature. Isn't that every company's dream?