We all live busy lives with work, family, friends, and more often with the urge to just go home at the end of the day to relax in front of the TV and watch The Walking Dead (well I certainly do anyway). But there is one date every year I always look forward too, always spend hours thinking about and is always the topic of conversation for weeks before.

Yep you’ve guessed it – The Office Christmas Party.

But it’s not because I get to purchase a new shiny dress or be pampered having my hair done beforehand (OK maybe it is a little), it is because I get time to relax, unwind and celebrate the end of a successful year with my team mates. So why not use the day of your Christmas party as the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together, do some fun team building during the day to help further strengthen relationships before all, let your hair down and enjoy a fun night out as colleagues, but more importantly as friends.