As Nebula grows, we have an incredible opportunity to become successful leaders in our sector. But how do companies become successful? What is that secret sauce that drives a small startup to become an international powerhouse?

Of course, there is no one answer to that. In my role, I spend each day understanding the structure, goals and processes of many different businesses and this affords me a chance to see what works and what doesn't. I truly believe that cross-team collaboration, shared goals and organisational alignment is what the most successful businesses I work with have in common.

In companies where teams and business units have very disparate goals, it is difficult to see how everyone moves forward together and this can create conflicts of interest. This gives rise to excessive internal politics, inefficiency and low employee motivation.

Making sure your organisation is aligned is hard work. Managers need to "own" alignment and realise its value and potential. It's very easy to get focused on hitting your own targets, especially if time is short and resources are scarce. But the rewards vastly outweigh the effort. With effective enterprise alignment, a business can reduce employee turnover, improve efficiency, create a strong and consistent brand and ultimately succeed at becoming leaders in their industry.

As we reach the peak of our busiest time of year, it is easy to be consumed by individual projects, deadlines and targets but I will endeavour to focus on the end-goal and the overall success of the business.