This helpful guide comes with lots of tips for maximising the use of Salesforce Campaigns one of the most mis-understood or mis-used objects in Salesforce. Potentially one of the richest sources of relevant marketing statistics, we often find that Campaigns have been customised from their original functionality into something completely different.  This can cost Sales and Marketing teams a wealth of information - from engagement to ROI to attribution modelling. Campaigns can be structured into a hierarchy - allowing you to roll up measure marketing success over a period of time, or a particular channel - and drill down to the most effective techniques. 

Salesforce campaigns work in tandem with Marketing Automation tools to track on-line engagement, from tracking e-book downloads to webinar registrants and the handy many-to-many relationships of Campaign Members allows you to track both leads and contacts - making it the perfect tool to manage lists of people from trade shows and events 

If you aren't sure about Campaigns, take a look at this guide and see what you are missing out on!