As marketing channels and techniques continue to grow and evolve along with new technologies or changing audience behaviour, we can usually assume that the old time favourite 'The Email' remains a steady companion for any marketer.

Yes there have been bumps in the road with the growth of social media (potentially surpassing email consumption, especially within the millenials age group) and mobile adoption (prompting a fast switch to responsive design) but overall, email marketing has remained an essential asset in the marketers ever-expanding toolkit. 

But is the next bump in the road going to be an essential one for your brand? I think the idea of kinetic design is an interesting one. The purpose is to attract more attention and bring some interaction into the inbox prior to hitting a webpage.

As this article also highlights, using kinetic design where it truly adds to the experience of the user will ensure that it's applied in the best possible way. Have fun finding out if it works well for your industry/audience!