Pardot have just released a really great feature which takes the humble Automation Rule and gives it superpowers. In my opinion anyway. 

You now have the option to repeat Automation Rules. It has long been a bugbear of Pardot users that Automation Rules only run once for each Prospect, so it's difficult to use them for a lot of common processes. For example, renewal emails need to be sent every year or month, so would need a lot of workarounds to facilitate this. Now it's all possible with the Repeat Rule Functionality.

Just a few examples of what you could now achieve with these rules:

  • Score Degradation - every time a prospect is inactive for 30 days, reduce their score
  • Score Qualification - every time a prospect hits a score of 100, qualify them to sales - even if they have been disqualified in the past and set back to 0
  • Triggered Renewal Campaigns - automate emails to go out every time a Prospect is nearing their renewal date
  • Route Form Submissions based on Values - previously this required Form Handlers and custom scripts but now can be easily configured

This is a feature that has been on the Ideas Exchange as long as I can remember, so it's good to see user-driven development. It's a really great release and I'm excited to see all the different and creative ways Pardot Users make the most of it.