The 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census highlights a trend of email marketing shifting from an individual team member's responsibility, to being shared by the marketing team as a whole. 

Whilst this is a positive message which reflects the ease of use of today's email marketing & marketing automation solutions, there is also a need for caution. If you have multiple members of your marketing team sending out emails to segments of your database, email frequency becomes tricky to control. 

How should we ensure that a prospect does not become oversaturated by your marketing communications?

First, you need to define a maximum frequency for how often your prospects should receive your marketing emails to avoid brand fatigue. This will vary widely from brand to brand.

Second, you need a robust and simple method to ensure that this frequency is adhered to. One way we would recommend in Pardot is by using a Dynamic List as a Suppression List. For the Dynamic List, create the rule Prospect has been emailed at least X times in the last X days/weeks, according to the maximum frequency you determined earlier. Then, your marketing team needs to add this Dynamic list as a Suppression list when sending out emails. Problem solved!