When speaking to people who have been considering Salesforce, there can be an apprehension that it will be a complicated experience. This can be the case, especially if your business has multiple different processes, products, services and markets. Salesforce is built to be able to mirror your business no matter how complicated it is, or which sector it is in.

Rather than this being a problem with the system though, it is in fact a massive positive. It enables you to make sure that the system will not only match your current processes, but also help your company to expand with better insight.  

In order to make sure that this is the case it is always worth making sure that the people who work on your Salesforce system spend as much time speaking to the people who will use the system as those who will manage it. This enables them to understand the workflow you need and build the system (and reports) around that workflow using the right tools.

If this takes place then the user experience will be very good and your reports will give you the insight you need to grow intelligently.