So the GDPR alarm bells are starting to ring out across many organisations. But as we start to think about the implications of our processes, internal systems and security don't forget to also consider usability in your set-up.

One aspect of GDPR that sits with marketing and data is that of consent. Although the data structure, ability to update records and audit changes are important mechanics to map out in the back-end, think carefully about how this translates to the front-end of your opt-in process. As with any marketing efforts, starting with the customer experience will entice them to take preferable actions and help you to achieve your overall goals. 

As I've written in previous posts, you should see GDPR as an opportunity to opt-in active, engaged and targeted prospects and by giving them a clear, simple and easy way for them to opt-in and manage their contact preferences is the start to them having a positive association of your brand and organisation. Create your opt-in campaign as you would any other marketing campaign using attractive designs, consistent branding, a friendly tone of voice and clear & concise calls to action.