Over the past year or so, we've been teased with murmurings and screenshots of a very exciting Pardot release. I've been waiting for this with baited breath and cannot wait to see it in action.

The difference between Pardot and Salesforce Campaigns has long proved a thorny issue for marketers for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's very confusing, but more importantly it limits the ability to achieve true marketing ROI reporting within Pardot using any other model than first-touch attribution. 

Pardot's upcoming release changes that and moves Pardot Campaigns into Salesforce objects which behave much more similarly to the standard Salesforce Campaign object. This allows marketers to build their own Campaign Influence Attribution models within Salesforce using Pardot Campaign data and Salesforce Opportunity data.

This in itself is a long-awaited and incredibly powerful update. However, what this signals for the future is perhaps even more exciting. Pardot data is increasingly moving on to the Salesforce platform and, with it, a world of possibility is opened up to combine the rich Pardot engagement data with the powerful processing of the Salesforce.