When I first heard about GDPR and thought about the marketing teams I've worked with over the years, my first thought was "how are they going to keep mailing their databases?" But as time goes on, as this article suggests, I've reached the conclusion that GDPR is a huge opportunity for B2B marketers to catch up to the latest trends. 

How often have you thought that your data needs an overhaul, a tidy, an update - but you just haven't had time? How often have you seen a new technique you'd like to try from a B2C marketing world, but found yourself with the wrong information to achieve the end result?

With GDPR deadlines, Marketing teams everywhere have a specific deadline they must work towards and must make time in their schedules to get their databases in good order. So what better time to take this opportunity to review your most basic business practices - capturing data and communicating with customers. As the article says, consumers now are "expecting a level of service that first and foremost recognises them as individuals" - and we all have a perfect opportunity to go out with old, outdated techniques, capturing data in dubious fashions, and drive excellence across the business.