In a recent online discussion with CXOTalk, McKinsey's top digital marketing adviser Robert Tas shared what he thinks are the most important components of digital marketing: personalisation, data, design, marketing technology and operating model - the speed at which we work. 

All of these five trends are connected by one major goal: to create personalised experience for customers based on their specific journey and unique needs. Any ideal digital marketing process should begin with data collection, as without the necessary insights it is quite hard to connect all those customer touch points. Once that data is available, it's up to the marketing team to use that information to design consistent end-to-end experience and engage with the customers in the right place at right time. Organising cross-functional teams around the outcome - such as a specific segment or journey - and listening to real-time feedback, could make a significant improvement in driving great impact with a marketing technology system. 

You can watch the discussion on the link below - it's a must for digital marketers. But in case you don't have 45 minutes, you should take a look at this article at with a great summary of the conversation.