One of the trends for B2B marketers is to find the best way of making the process of prioritising leads for the sales reps more effective. Companies wants to know which lead it is that they should prioritise among their opportunities, in what way and with which tools.

Using marketing automation is a great solution to optimise that process but it’s important to use the platform’s capacity and implement marketing strategies. Tracking your prospect through your website, form or landing pages are one of the benefits a marketing automation tool can do for you but it needs indeed nurturing and strategies for the collected data. Your customers journeys have only just begun when they converted into a prospect. Kerry Cunningham, senior research director for demand creation strategies at SiriusDecisions, highlights that you should want to find out more about why they filled out that form or landed on that page.

It’s the power of people in plural that Cunningham’s marketing automation strategies have their focus on. Collecting the data from more than just one form or one landing page and mapping these actions will give you groups of people. This could then help the process of targeting the right prospect with the right product. It would be more effective because you would be able to treat and act towards this group in the same way, since you know that these prospects are interested in the same things.

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