It feels as if a new acquisition was announced every week a while back but that it has been a while. However it is always really good to see where the focusses are. This year it looks as if Quip will be one of those focuses.

There are a number of changes heading to Quip already so seeing that the facilities that Attic Labs' Noms makes these really exciting. To explain what these changes are and what they mean, Noms enables data to be removed to multiple dumps, worked on and pulled back in. This means that you can bring data into those dumps from other sources before bringing it into Quip and therefore have a quick and intelligent sync between systems. By plugging this into a system that enables you to see the data in a functional and very UX friendly way (ie Quip) is very exciting.

Talking about the use of intelligence, Microsofts Watson is going to be utalised in Quip as well. This could mean that you have a number of facilities coming into Quip but personally, I love the idea that you will be able to have the ability to answer data questions in Quip. This will need to be controlled though no matter how it is integrated so bringing in a system which gives you the facility for more back end ability is a solid bit of thinking.

It will be interesting to how this is used though to bring Quip into Salesforce rather than being the 'stand-along-ish' system it currently is.