Our preferred marketing automation tool Pardot offers multiple opportunities for automating real-time marketing activities, with Engagement Studio being the most effective and extensive one. Depending on your marketing strategy, you have a range of options to consider with your nurture program. You could send emails immediately based on set actions, notify your sales users if a prospect is interested, or nurture the ones who haven't engaged with your content yet. 

But before you start building your program, I recommend you take a step back and think about a basic marketing approach, the Segmentation, Targeting and Personalisation (STP) model and use it to succeed with your campaign.

  • Segmentation: Identify your audience and look for characteristics your prospects have in common (e.g. product interest or location).
  • Targeting: Use the identified details to create your target audience with criteria-based dynamic lists.
  • Personalisation: Position your message for each stage of the customer lifecycle and personalise with populated variable tags or dynamic content.

By preparing your strategy carefully, your communications will help your customers make a decision and commit to your services exactly when they need that additional information, providing them a unique and personalised customer experience.