In a constantly changing market, finding long-term relationships with your customers can be a bit of a challenge. You need to think about all the different stages involved in your customers lifecycle: When in the customer journey are you targeting your customers and how are you adapting your marketing assets?

One thing marketers are lacking the most of is time. Finding the perfect time to target your customers, depending on their personal needs are crucial for your marketing success. You also need time after you have collected your new leads, not only to nurture your leads, but also to adapt your nurturing strategies depending on how interested they are in your brand. You might want to distinguish your leads into categories such as ready to be sent to sales (hot) or not yet fully aware that they need your products or services (cold).

This is where a marketing automation tool such as Pardot comes into place. Pardot can help you to identify who you need to target with the right marketing activity at the "right" time, by automating lead nurturing with for instance Engagement Studio and/or Scoring and Grading models. These features will help you build relationships with your customers within as little required time as possible. Building relationships with Pardot could also create trust towards your company, which could give you loyal customers and more success for your brand in the long run!

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