Yet another new Pardot feature has been released! Salesforce User Sync is a welcome piece of new functionality for Pardot which makes the job of a Pardot admin simpler by synchronising Salesforce users to Pardot.

Some of the benefits to using the tool are:

  • Saves administrator time
  • Reduce assigned user synchronisation issues
  • Users who left the business or no longer need access are automatically sent to the Pardot Recycle Bin once their Salesforce accounts are deactivated

The tool is enabled by using a Wizard inside Pardot and is available to all Pardot orgs with a verified Salesforce connector. When the wizard is being used, Salesforce user profiles are selected, along with corresponding Pardot user roles. Any new Pardot users will be created with the selected Pardot user roles.

An important consideration is the fact that this feature cannot be deactivated once turned on, so it's vital to read the enablement guide and fully understand the behaviour and implications before activating this feature.