If there is one thing that Pardot has really succeeded with this year, it is their amount of new feature announcements. Some of them have been really helpful, while some of them might still have been unused by you. A good thing about this is however that even though a feature is unused by you, it doesn’t mean that someone else is not using that feature, which makes Pardot useful for a broad variety of users.

How do you know which feature is useful to you then? Well, you usually discover what you are missing while using Pardot. Don’t forget that there is most likely more than just you that wish Pardot had that specific feature that will make your use of Pardot easier. In fact, the new features that came out this year have most likely been other customers or partners contribution to the Pardot Ideas Exchange.

To sum Pardot's feature round-up. Pardot's new releases are covering new feature that will help you find and nurture leads, close more deals, maximise ROI and the newest announcement, which is the addition of languages options Pardot have incorporate into the business.

The link below will take you to Pardot's feature round-up. Think about what you and your business need to achieve and discover which feature you need to start using today!

Psst... you can still access Pardot's webinar that will give you more insights and overview of all of Pardot’s awesome new summer '18 features.