Another acquisition has taken place by Salesforce and this time it focuses on Marketing, Marketing Cloud to be specific. It is likely though that the abilities this adds will be seen throughout the Einstein ecosystem at some point soon. 

So who has been bought? Datorama. Who are Datorama?  A very, very good data intelligence company specialising in the marketing sector with customers such as TicketMaster, Pepsi, GoDaddy and Unilever. They have 16 offices around the world and a wealth of great case studies. Datorama is also strong when it comes to integrations meaning that it could work as a portal for analysing more data within Salesforce.

So what does this tell us about Salesforce's purchasing policy right now? Firstly it tells us that they are in the market for the right companies and secondly that information companies are definitely of interest and thirdly it tells us that they are willing to spend, even if this purchase seams small at 'just' $800M.